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Second Term, Fresh Semester

After several (too many?) weeks off, I am back teaching and learning type. We kicked off the Cooper Type semester with a workshop led by the awesome Hannes Famira, where we learned the Noordzij method of sketching translational typefaces—otherwise referred to as the “scribble technique”. 

I had taken a FontLab course eons ago with Hannes through Cooper Union Continuing Ed, where he briefly showed me this method, and I’ve been practicing a version of it ever since. That said, getting the full explanation and theory really changed my perspective (again!) as I explore the construction of letters. 

I came up with three directions for a possible original typeface. The workshop was called “Understanding the design space” and it was a great way to visualize the boundaries of the exploration. In other words, it was very helpful to think about the typeface in terms of how scalable it will be, especially knowing that this original design will extend into an additional weight and an italic.

Unfortunately I spent an inordinate amount of time fussing over some details of about 15 different lowercase a’s while trying to translate the aesthetic in my head into something visual, on a piece of paper. So I’m back to sketching. 

And panicking.

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